A Star Without A Name

Waneta_0864 (1)Ursula I Abresch "Fireworks” with kind permission

A Star Without a Name

When a baby is taken from the wet nurse,

it easily forgets her

and starts eating solid food.

Seeds feed awhile on ground,

then lift up into the sun.

So you should taste the filtered light

and work your way toward wisdom

with no personal covering.

That's how you came here, like a star

without a name.  Move across the night sky

with those anonymous lights.

~ Rumi

(Mathnawi III, 1284-1288)


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Ursula I Abresch is a photographer in the West Kootenays, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She was born in Argentina, raised in both Argentina and Chile. She moved to the USA to attend university, and eventually moved permanently to Canada.
Ursula is married. She and her husband have five children. She has a degree in Education with a concentration in Art and History. She now dedicates most of her time to photography.


  1. What a beautiful, ethereal photograph. And Rumi always goes right to the heart of things. Lovely post, Noelle. You always provide inspiration.

  2. Beautiful poem, I love it!  Thank you very much, Noelle!

  3. Thank you for the introduction to Ursula...and this fabulous Rumi poem...

    saving this one.

  4. Ursula,
    I am so very glad that you are happy with it! Your image is glorious and Rumi only enhances it.
    Peace and Light,

  5. What a wonderful pairing of the wistful photo with the extraordinary poem.  Your posts always make me ponder...which is a beautiful thing!


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