Out of a Forest

Out of a Forest

Directed by: Tobias Gundorff Boesen
Animation by: Katrine Kiilerich, Frederik Villumsen, Christophe Peladan, Tobias Gundorff Boesen
Light and Photography: Martin Bested, Andreas Berg
2010 The Animation Workshop

My Bachelorfilm from The Animation Workshop. Set to the song "Slow Show" by The National, who were kind enough to allow me to use their music. It is a non-commercial short film, intended for festivals.

It is shot in the forests surrounding Viborg, Denmark. My main inspiration was Victorian literature, and "Boxer" by the national. It was painful to finish, as shooting stop motion in the forest at night for longer periods turned out to offer a lot of problems :) But it was also great fun and adventure.


My Review ~

This is a beautifully done little film . The characters are tender and one becomes involved with this little animal  family so that there is a sadness and a feeling of loss. It takes work to achieve that in a short film. The ending is wonderful and surprising. Lovely,  magical, inspired. Beautiful scenery and very creative animation work.

Noelle Renee


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