The Secret of Secrets is Within Me Again


Marco Benedetti© Marco Benedetti. All rights reserved posted with kind permission


On the Road

Though this land is not my own

I will never forget it,

or the waters of its ocean,

fresh and delicately icy.

Sand on the bottom is whiter than chalk,

and the air drunk, like wine.

Late sun lays bare

the rosy limbs of the pine trees.

And the sun goes down in waves of ether

in such a way that I can’t tell

if the day is ending, or the world,

or if the secret of secrets is within me again.


~Jane Kenyon

World Builder

A strange man uses holographic tools to build a world for the woman he loves.


About the Photographer: Marco Benedetti is a delightful young and extremely talented photographer who hails from Bergamo, Italy. You can find many of his stunning photos of the natural world, macro, black and white  on, which will lead you to his personal Homepage . You may also view an interesting variety of his work on


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