Share the Joy Thursday: Where Beauty Starts


10842790-lg (1)Fireworks by Art Lionse with kind permission

Not to make loss beautiful,
But to make loss the place
Where beauty starts.  Where
the heart understands
For the first time
The nature of its journey

11097773-mdSt John’s Wort by Art Lionse with kind permission

Love, yes.  The body
of the beloved as the gift
Bestowed.  But only
Temporarily.  Given freely,
But now to be earned

10844193-mdDandelious By: Art Lionse with kind permission

Given without thought,
And now loss
Has made us thoughtful.

~ Gregory Orr ~

(Concerning The Book That Is the Body Of The Beloved)


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  1. those PHOTOS! sighing over their beauty...

  2. i love honoring the beginning of all things...

    certainly the mandala of each centering flower reminds us of the holy circle of life.
    perhaps we should begin each day gazing into the heart of such beautiful and ephemeral explosions of joy, as you have brighten my moment with your thoughtful  offering here.

  3. thanks for sharing the joy.  the photos are amazing, and the quotes, well, they've lifted me up.  have a great weekend.

  4. This mood finding the joy in spite or or perhaps, because of loss, is one I understand today.
    Beautiful joy, Noelle.
    Thank you.

  5. Beauty is everywhere. Sometimes it takes a loss to realize that.

  6. What a provocative poem, one that is even more moving with these pictures. Thank you for sharing this perspective on joy. Peace, Olivia

  7. Thought provoking words. Mind-blowing images (as usual).

  8. Ah, the knowledge of loss is what makes us human--and brave.  Yes, that is where beauty starts.  All of these flowers are giving freely of themselves.  Blindingly beautiful post, Noelle.  Perfect how you expressed these lines with seed-dispersing flowers.  You are amazing, sublime, which gives JOY.  Love!

  9. noelle,  what a heartbreakingly beautiful and true post.  Those photos are amazing and set with the poem  JOY!

  10. Always such startling beauty here in words and images.


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