Haiku My Heart: Reflection

SubwayCrack1029_MMReflection by Miles Morgan with kind permission

Water Carves Through Stone

Silken Vein of Liquid Light

A World Shaped by Dreams

~Noelle Renee


Darkness by Nicolas Evariste

Poverty and Struggle are Twin siblings with Despair and Lost Hope; these have been with us since time immemorial. They are, in many respects, foundational to cultural relationships in which there exist the “Haves and the Have-nots.

One Group lives with little to nothing so that the Other Group, more fortunate, by birth or by virtue of Political Aggression may live with Entitlement. The dysfunctional nature of  the United States ongoing relationship with Mexico may be perceived in this way.

This old photograph is part of Mexican Americans' history in Nebraska. Here, a visiting nurse poses with Mexican children in 1922. (Library of Congress)

But History is Not graven in Stone and Every

So Often things Change for the Better~

If Water can cut a path through rock,  shifting the course of its luminous thread, its one, bright dream~

What other changes will follow?

Can the course of a Life be changed if a pattern of thought is shifted?

 Will the thinker or the person

whose life is transformed by that thought

ever be the same again?

Chiapas girl photo by Al Borrelli used with kind permission

For now and ever after, each one

is inextricably intertwined with the other

in a dance of compassionate cooperation

and human transformation.

waiting black and white

Waiting by Art Lionse with kind permission

I cannot fly or make something appear in my hand,

I cannot make the heavens open or the earth tremble,

I can live with myself, and I am amazed at myself, my love,

my beauty,

I am taken by my failures, astounded by my fears,

I am stubborn and childish,

in the midst of this wreckage of life they incurred,

I practice being myself,

and I have found parts of myself never dreamed of by me,

they were goaded out from under rocks in my heart

when the walls were built higher,

when the water was turned off and the windows painted black.

I followed these signs

like an old tracker and followed the tracks deep into myself,

followed the blood-spotted path,

deeper into dangerous regions, and found so many parts of myself,

who taught me water is not everything,

and gave me new eyes to see through walls,

and when they spoke, sunlight came out of their mouths,

and I was laughing at me with them,

we laughed like children and made pacts to always be loyal,

who understands me when I say this is beautiful?

~Excerpt from Jimmy Baca’s “Who Understands Me But Me”

Oaxaca button

If you want to go to a place where water carves rock and dreams become reality; where possibility mixed with love and generosity leaps beyond the boundaries and limitations of the “haves and the “have nots'” to create an amazing, cooperative melting pot of artistic expression for the purpose of raising a crumbling roof over the heads of deserving and wonderful children, then go to Rebecca’s blog. There, you will find a Gallery of Hope filled with the handiwork of 27 AMAZING ARTISTS whose work is beyond compare. Each shrine has been created with love, compassion and the intention that each child connected to Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots would have the opportunity to go to school, perhaps for the first time.

Won’t you travel over to Rebecca’s blog, register at the Gallery of Hope and Feast your eyes on the beauty that awaits you there? You will be so glad that you did. The button below will also lead you to the post for the Auction benefit. The auction began on Sunday, June 5, 2011 and ends Sunday June 12, 2011 at 6 pm. Thank you.

Que tu corazón sea bendito por su amabilidad!

~Noelle Renee

dancing100_0057Dancing” by Rebecca Brooks taken in Oaxaca, Mexico

Change Your thinking, Change Your Actions, Change a Life.



  1. Noelle.. your compassion and beauty in your heart gives light to souls of so many... I feel so light after visiting your page week after week...   RS

  2. Thanks Noelle, for this beautiful post, photos and haiku!

  3. absolutely beautiful - thought provoking and inspirational. 

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and thought provoking. 

  5. Excellent post!!!  Beautiful and reflective!  Cathy

  6. I believe we are here on this planet to learn to love ourselves and love one another. Each baby step in this direction brings us closer to fulfilling our reason for being.
    Thank you for this inspiring and beautiful post !
    Light and Love !

  7. this morning, reading your words....
    even my bones melted as i become water.
    then the sun of your heart ignited to the very depth of my reach and i became light.
    i am singing in your choir. believing in great transformation. i have lost the weight of all imagined boundaries, i am at once holding and being held by the family of us all.

  8. you are ever eloquent... and that last photo is so very very precious.

  9. Magical Mystical TeacherJune 10, 2011 at 9:31 AM

    Two little words woven together--"silken vein"--make the magic in your poem!

  10. I was first stricken by the beauty of your photo and haiku, then swept away with the depth of your words.  Breathtaking post!

  11. margaretpanpipesJune 11, 2011 at 9:36 PM

    This is a remarkable post, Noelle.  You have woven so many different threads into one fabric, and the one common thread crossing all others is "Water carves through stone."   That incredible inage by Miles Morgan shows that "silken, liquid vein being shaped by dreams," but of course it doesn't happen overnight as we see in the sculpture "waiting."  I love your passion for those in need, Noelle.  On a personal note, your sentence "Can the course of a life be changed if a pattern of thought is shifted?" really resonated with me.  You make me want to try.

  12. Thank you, Margaret. I am so grateful and I know rebecca is too for your
    generosity to the children of Oaxaca. What a blessing you are! Such a deeply
    insightful person and so multi-faceted. So glad that we met.

  13. I just got to your haiku my heart posting. Oh my, what a beautiful  haiku and the photos are perfect. I think much love flows through your own silken dreams. The poem at the end was also a breathe stealer. thank you!


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