Haiku My Heart: Tender Mercies

Heaven Nicolas EvaristeHeaven by Nicolas Evariste with kind permission

Petals Shaped Like Tears

Tender Mercies Lit By Love

Sun Sets on One Flower.

~Noelle Renee


Thought of You by Ryan WoodWard

For More Wonderful Haiku My Heart, Please go to Recuerda mi Corazon. We are a good group of welcoming Haiku-ers, always looking for more to join in!


  1. Haiku My Heart. The video is quite a story. I relate it to the 20 year anniversary of the loss of our daughter and the strong memories that evoke on those anniversary dates. Her life was a dance, as so wonderfully illustrated in the artwork of that piece. It had happiness and sadness, ups and downs, also mimicing life itself. The photograph is very pleasing as well. I think I'm thinking of you.


  2. Yes heavenly and I echo Spadoman's sentiment too, thank you.

    Sue x

  3. everyday is a tender mercy lit by love....
    thank you for recording it in my heart forever.


  4. I love the haiku, and the video is breathtaking! Thanks!

  5. Breathtaking is right. Everything about this post. WOWOWOW.

  6. My dear Joe,
     So very good to get your letter this morning and this heartfelt response. I watched this again just now, and thought of you and Maggie throughout. Fresh tears.
    So much love,


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