Share the Joy Thursday: Women in Trees


On Every Leaf of Every Tree

The air around was trembling bright
and full of dancing specks of light
While butterflies were dancing too
Between the shining green and blue
I might not watch, I might not stay
I ran along the meadow way.

532The straggling brambles caught my feet
The clover field was, oh! so sweet;
I heard a singing in the sky,
and busy things went buzzing by;
and how it came I cannot tell,
but all the hedges sang as well.

529Along the clover field I ran
To where the little wood began,
and there I understood at last
Why I had come so far, so fast
On every leaf of every tree
A Fairy sat and smiled at me!
By Rose Fyleman


Note: It gives me great joy to see how closely the natural world resembles the human female form in all its glory.


(Okay, this last one isn’t a fairy, but it was too beautiful to leave out. )

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  1. Hi Noelle,

    Yes these are lovely images, in fact when I go walking with the boys (dogs) I see figures in the trees too!  Isn't the imagination a wonderful thing?

    How is Fergus?

    Sue x

  2. Beautiful! I've never thought to look for images in trees. Lovely poems with the images...Peace, Olivia

  3. Yes, you and trees have a wonderful and special relationship. Fergus is very
    chipper and energetic. He gets his stitches out tomorrow and his bandages
    changed. He has tried to get out a couple times to no avail. Amazing. I
    guess he has forgotten all that happened to him. Thank you for asking my
    Noelle x

  4. I did so enjoy my walk here today.  I especially like the poem by Rose Fyleman.  Have a wonderful day!  Cathy

  5. i love the subtly nuances that comprise our natural world. those moments when we look deeply, see beyond the expected and are delighted by a mystery revealed.  a presence here, a song there...a tiny acorn still warm from the dreams of another.  may we always walk in fascination and wonder, believing there is so much more than what immediately meets our eyes.

    lovely joyful post,  thank you noelle!

  6. These are beautiful images. I especially like the second one. It makes me conscious of my connection with everything that is.

  7. Glad I read through the comments and found your update on Fergus.

  8. Your images and the poem are outstanding!  What a joy it's been to wander through these wondrous scenes with you today.   Beautiful!

  9. That's amazing! I remember reading somewhere that there is a finite number of possibilities of the human face but infinite variations.

  10. Wow, wow and double wow: these images are mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing them.

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by to look at them.

  12. Female Ints!!!  Awesome.

  13. What lovely wood nymphs, perfect sinuous forms.


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