Postcards from Paradise: In the Beginning



Will o the Wisp by Art LionseThe Will-o-the-Wisp by Art Lionse with kind permission

Sometimes simplicity rises
like a blossom of fire
from the white silk of your own skin.
You were there in the beginning

Galaxy by Art Lionse

Galaxy by Art Lionse with kind permission

you heard the story, you heard the merciless
and tender words telling you where you had to go.
Exile is never easy and the journey
itself leaves a bitter taste. But then,
when you heard that voice, you had to go.
You couldn't sit by the fire, you couldn't live
so close to the live flame of that compassion
you had to go out in the world and make it your own

Elfin by Art LionseElfin by Art Lionse with kind permission

so you could come back with
that flame in your voice, saying listen...
this warmth, this unbearable light, this fearful love...
It is all here, it is all here.
~ David Whyte ~

(Fire in the Earth)

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About the Photographer: Art Lionse hails from the south of France. He is a researcher who spends every spare moment chasing exquisite light with his camera. He is a lover of nature and enjoys photographing those things that often surprise us while we are walking. He captures ordinary plants and flowers with a fresh eye. For his macro work, as you see here, whether outdoors or in a studio, he uses natural light to make the pictures look more genuine. I am grateful for his generosity in allowing me to use these lovely images. You can find more of his work on, fotoblur,, and


  1. how do you do this?  anticipate a small corner of soul to illuminate  into the great beating of wings? i come here and always ...all ways find the lush gift of nourishing waters.  a current of light, the gift of radiant mindful being.

    coming here is like witnessing birth.  

  2. I love you for saying that. Thank you my dear friend. I am trying to find
    ways to get your blog post published now. It is so beautifully written and
    executed. I think it deserves it, truly!

  3. The photos seem to be from a different world...they're absolutely phenomenal!
    Whyte's poem is so yearning...somehow painfully sweet... reminding us that the journey is not easy, or even welcome at times, but it is necessary and worth it in the end.  Beautiful!

  4. Breath taking photos and the words are magical. There is life and fire and light in you and the images. Thank you.

  5. Fran aka RedondowriterMay 29, 2011 at 8:48 PM

    Breathtakingly beautiful photos and David Whyte's poem is equally breathtaking. You also changed your lavender field photo and it is even more spectacular than the last one you had on your nameplate. I love a purple palette!

  6. I have no idea what the word for the center parts of a flower is but in the last picture they looked like extraterrestrial ballerinas dancing.

  7. Exploration is so exciting but not without cost, beautiful pics and powerful words.
    Spring Bank holiday here in the UK .  Nice way to start the day,Thanks Noelle,Sue x

  8. I love David Whyte, Noelle. So beautiful with the photography. Wishing you peace, love, joy, xoO

  9. I've been remiss in my visiting schedule and my computer is acting like a grouchy old person, so I hadn't yet seen this. I'm so glad I did.

  10. Hi Meri,
    I am glad you did too, and not just today's post which is interesting and
    clever but not nearly as beautiful.


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