Share the Joy Thursday: The Story of a Sign

A Blogger friend of mine, Jenny Stevning, had the English version of this film, “The Power of Words” on her blog. I was so moved by it that I searched for the original. It is a film that shows not only the power of words to change human hearts but the power of compassion to change the lives of those who give and those who receive. This, in itself, gives me Great Joy!

The Story of A Sign

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  1. The compassion we are all capable of is celebrated so beautifully here. Let's use the right words ! ;)
    Have a joy-filled Thursday !

  2. I just saw the other version earlier this cool to see the original, as well! It's very moving...and a call for benevolence on many levels. Such a joyful choice!

  3. What a blessing this film is -- and so touching at a core level.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks, Meri. It had me in tears. It made me want to go out with a marker
    and change a few signs that I have seen on the road to help a few souls.
    Maybe I will do just that! (smile)

  5. yes, i've seen the english version, too... very touching films, very well made.

  6. dear noelle,

    you know how i love this movie. this idea, of moments, ideas, simple words, signs...that enliven the human heart and bring forth compassion.
    you are the giver of great gifts, and simple jOYs!

  7. Thank you, Rebecca. I showed it to a coworker today at lunch. I actually
    teared up while we were watching it. She loved it and shared it with her
    friends. It is very special. I keep thinking I need to keep a big black
    marker in my purse when I walk down the street. I see a lot of those kinds
    of signs these days.

  8. I had seen the English version - it brought tears to my eyes and joy. This is even more touching and heartfelt. THank you!


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