In Several Colors by Jane Kenyon


Every morning, cup of coffee

in hand, I look out at the blue mountain.

Ordinarily it’s blue, but today

it’s the color of an eggplant.

Jack Bogg

And the sky turns

from gray to pale apricot

as the sun rolls up

Main Street in Andover.

Sunrise_pink_900x600Photo by Denton Greenville

I study the cat’s face

and find a trace of white

around each eye, as if


he made himself up today

for a part in the opera.

~Jane Kenyon

“In Several Colors”

from Collected Poems

Cats ~ The Musical


  1. i greet your dawn as the gold light lifts the hem of night and the last dash of stars quiver in both our hearts with the same breath. i love you in my life noelle and find you in the most cherished moments.

  2. You make my heart sing, rebecca with such sweet regard and utter beauty.
    So much love,

  3. If I had you beautiful cat I would call him Marmalade as he would go p-u-r-r-fectly with my toast and tea of a morning ;~)

    Love Sue x

  4. you introduce me to such wonderful poetry here... i love this poem so much. and your kitty. i love his nose...

  5. Perfection in its quietness and simplicity.


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