Postcards from Paradise: Blessings to All of our Mothering Hearts and to the Hearts of All Mothers

The Bath-by-mary-cassatt-6Mary Cassatt ~ The Bath

Your voice learning to soothe
Your new child
Was the first home-sound
We heard before we could see.


Lilacs-in-a-Window-Mary-CassattLilacs in the Window ~ Mary Cassatt



Mary Cassatt Woman and child looking in the mirror

Your young eyes
Gazing on us
Were the first mirror
Where we glimpsed
What to be seen
Could mean.


Mary Cassatt-374592Mary Cassatt ~ Mother and son in a boat

Your nearness tilled the air,
An umbilical garden for the seeds
Of thought that stirred in our infant hearts.


The Boating Party ~Mary Cassatt



Young Thomas and His Mother by Mary Cassatt

You nurtured and fostered this space
To root all our quietly gathering intensity
That could grow nowhere else.


Mary Cassatt Mother and Baby in bedMary Cassatt ~ Mother and Baby having Breakfast


Formed from the depths beneath your heart,
You know us from the inside out.
No deeds or seas or others
Could ever erase that.


~A Blessing For Mothers from John O’Donohue

From “To Bless the Space Between Us”

This Blessing is For All Mothers, Living and Deceased and For All women and men as well in their Mothering Role ~ because mothering is done by teachers, coaches, mentors, therapists, siblings and friends. Moreover, there are some men who play the role of both mother and father to their children. All of us carry the Divine Mother within us. We only need to open our hearts to it and let it shine.

031Happy Mother’s Day Mom.  I Miss You!

For More Postcards from Paradise Please Make your Way to Recuerda mi Corazon on this lovely Festive Day.


  1. So lovely, Noelle. Mary Cassett is priceless.

  2. p.s. Somehow, Noelle, the Disqus log-in is showing me as a yahoo user name that I don't use anymore. Thought I better let you know that this is Annie writing from In My Dreams.

  3. Thanks Annie, I realized it was you. I traced the address back. Thanks so much. Happy Mothering Day!

  4. Thanks for your words and Mary Cassatt's paintings, but especially for John O'Donohue's blessing. God rest his soul. I'm sure glad we have his words still.

  5. dear one,
    i thought of you so many many times today. thank you for this tribute to mothering and all the many faces and arms of it through out our loves. we both used the words mothering is so powerful to acknowledge the presence of nurturing and comfort from many unique sources of powerful mindful love.
    i am so grateful that we have both found pivotal moments when we have truly mothered each other.

    thank you kind and comforting friend!

  6. noelle...your sweet mom is so you.

  7. Can I just say this blog is
    what got me through the day today? Every time I read it, I just get
    more and more excited about what’s next. I’m glad that I came across
    this when I did. I love what you’ve got to say and the way you say

  8. And you have made my day equally bright. Thank you.
    Peace and light,

  9. @rebecca thank you for taking such a central place in my life and heart. I have always felt truly seen, acknowledged, loved and included by you. For that I am deeply and honestly grateful.
    All My Love,


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