Postcards from Paradise: Snowy Egrets

AD4G3286-2snowy egrets © anders selland  with kind permission


If the confident animal coming toward us
had a mind like ours,
the change in him would startle us.
But to him his own being is endless,
undefined, and without regard
for his condition: clear,
like his eyes. Where we see future,
he sees all, and himself
in all, made whole for always.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

From the Eighth Duino Elegy


About the Photographer: Anders Selland hails from the small city of Arendal in south Norway. Taking photographs is currently a hobby that he enjoys tremendously. He likes photographing mostly wildlife and landscapes. The photo above was taken in the dark. The location is a river in Spain and the light source was from some nearby buildings.

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  1.  yes, they have a confident trust in their Creator that inspires me... a rest and peace that they are indeed "whole." i love snowy egrets... they look like elegant gentlemen with their long flowing headfeathers and their black stockings and yellow spats.

  2. the rhythm, the rich pattern, the simple capture transformed in golden illumination
    moves me noelle...moves me to all things sacred.

    thank you for filling me completely with a single stunning image.

    i love you.

  3.  To think this one moment in time was captured probably without any other witness, what a privilege to be party to this beauty, the words also, how rich we are!

    Love Sue x

  4. And here they are, in the long shadow of sundown, the reason for their snowy name. 

  5.  i am in awe of the beauty these artists...that you gather...capture

    for us


  6.  Anders photo and your description are wonderful. I'd say this is a true form of paradise. 

  7. The image is stunning. You find the most beautiful words and images to pair and present to us, as a gift from your heart.

  8. Thanks Meri. That means a lot to me.


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