Share the Joy Thursday: Reverie ~ a film

It gives me great Joy to find amazing little independent works of art like this created by young artists that hail from Europe. This little gem comes from Belgium. It is a coming of age film that speaks to the heart of inner transformation, taking place in only a moment. It is a beautiful little Indie film that I happened upon last night on Vimeo. I was completely entranced. I hope that you enjoy it. It just came out just this month.

~Noelle Renee

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  1.  oh noelle...
    so much is given, and received on  a smile....
    i love this silent dream, filled with the promise of bird song.
    and a knock that sets the dreamer dreaming....

  2. So glad you liked it, rebecca. I found it so innocent and beautiful. Such a
    surprising ending. Enchanting.

  3.  It's sweet and speaks to the dreaming we all do if we give ourselves permission -- and the hope that we all share for magic in our lives.

  4. This is beautiful, a true fairy tale.

    thank you for sharing!


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