Haiku My Heart: Waxing Moon and Landing Cranes

Moonscape, Waxing Moon and Landing Cranes by ChameleonMoonscape; waxing moon and landing cranes


Soft Moonlit Descent

Of Cranes Near the Water’s Edge;

Webbed Feet Skim the Stars.

--N. R. Clearwater  Oct. 14, 2010

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The Lake of Cranes 4 min. long and lovely


  1. Soft moonlight,soft landing cool waters and the calm silent stars in the quiet night gives the most amazing feel to this Haiku.

  2. Such beautiful words and imagery.

  3. Thank you for the uplifting haiku and including the videao, whch I agree is very lovely.

  4. Thank you Nanka. Lovely description and appreciation.

  5. Thank you, dear Rebecca! You are always an inspiration to me!
    Love to you and the people of San Miguel de Allende. Regardless of how it plays out, I will send my check for the women and children.

  6. Thank you for your kind words. They are appreciated!

  7. Moon beckons me.. makes me feel so good.. anything written on Moon is so comforting..either for Moon or those who feel jealous of its existence.. but Moon is most written about and for me thought about.. thanks..

  8. Beautiful photo. Loved your haiku too.

    All the best, Boonie

  9. Just awesome, the whole thing. I'm up early as usual and when I saw the cranes, a beautiful perfect memory was released to me. In Summerspast, I'd attend ceremony up North. The cranes were the harbingers of morning every day. Their song is what I heard. I watched their shadowy image low on the horizon, hiding in the tree line, as sun rose over the plains. My God I love this!
    I have been to the Valentine Wildlife Refuge in Nebraska many times and have seen them gather coming to and from migration. An awesome sight in person.
    Thanks very much. Your haiku stands alone and mimics the peace of nature.

    Peace to all


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