Haiku My Heart: Aspen Gold


Aspen Vista Santa Fe

I Sang A New Song

Vista in all its glory

With Leafy Notes Gold-Orange

139Aspen Angel Choirs


--Noelle Clearwater October 2010

Photos by Noelle Clearwater,

taken in Aspen Vista, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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  1. Angel Choirs indeed! What beautiful color! I love Santa Fe and all of New Mexico. Glad your trip went safely. I jist found out that I will be traveling again soon, to South Carolina. The trees will be bright and colorful down there. Here, they are all bare, stripped from the winds and hard driving rain. Good stuff here.


  2. The colour and the words evoke joy!

  3. Absolutely beautiful both haiku and pictures. Makes me homesick for those Rocky Mountain aspens!!! Wishing you well! Cathy

  4. Such golden beauty ! Thanks you for your words and images today ! Happy Friday.

  5. Thanks Noelle Renee, its such a beautiful singing haiku.. and I am so happy to find you having become the first one to wish me Happy diwali.. festival of lights.. it's being celebrated on Nov. 5th, and I am looking forward to it..

  6. I like this. John Denver would be proud of you.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  7. How did I get distracted and miss all this loveliness?

    "I sang a new song..."

    Such depths of joy in this little phrase. And those trees! Aspens? Thank you for sharing them with us. No wonder you sang a new song when you saw them...


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