The Journey Home

foggy morning Foggy Morning by Johnny Hemelsoen

The magic that gleams an instant between Argos and Odysseus is both the recognition of diversity and the need for affection across the illusions of form. It is nature's cry to homeless, far-wandering, insatiable man: "Do not forget your brethren, nor the green wood from which you sprang. To do so is to invite disaster."
Loren Eiseley (The Unexpected Universe)



 Please see the two links below for a brief explanation of Argos and Odysseus if you are not familiar with these names.


A link to a  brief bio on Loren Eiseley:


  1. I do so much like your Foggy morning picture. At first it seemed a cold foggy morning but it is you keep staring at the picture, especially at the sun, it turns so very warm and brightens up. I loved the sun rise and it is this that warms up the picture

  2. Thank you for your lovely observations, Nanka. You have such a sensitive eye and heart for the aesthetic!


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