Haiku My Heart: Ruby Mandala

Red Dahlia by Pat SampsonRed Dahlia by Pat Sampson


Ruby Mandala

Compassionately Unfolds

Healing, Golden Light.

--N.R.Clearwater October 2010


May it be by enya, sung by Celtic Woman

For more wonderful haiku fun visit Recuerda mi Corazon


“To these sentient beings I shall reveal
This sutra called Sublime Golden Light,
Which rids one of every harmful misdeed
And expounds upon the profound.”


Note: I have revised my haiku to use the phrase “golden light” after researching the sutra called Sublime Golden Light. Yellow, although beautiful, is not a healing color.



  1. That is an amazing photo to say the least! I like your haiku as well. It is a mandala, a natural one. Very good stuff!


  2. Simply gorgeous and the haiku is wonderful. I'm speechless! Cathy

  3. Inspired by your words and photo:

    flaming dahlia heart
    round and round

    Haiku My Heart, Ravishing Beauty

  4. Beautiful Haiku!! A sacred symbol which protects and leads us to tranquility and deep insight.

  5. Seeing the photo one relates.. thanks.. lovely haiku...

  6. oo ruby mandala, you have taken my breath away...beautiful post

  7. I love, love this!

  8. What a beautiful haiku and photo you found to bless us with today! Well done, Noelle.

  9. Stunning image. I enjoyed this. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonie

  10. How beautiful to see the mandala contained within this perfect flower. Thank you for bring it out into the open for all of us to enjoy. Gorgeous.


  11. My oh my!! That photo takes my breath away! Stunning!

  12. Good morning, Noelle! You've found another intensely beautiful photo to grace our day. I like the phrase "unfolds compassionately" combined with the idea of healing. The two are inextricably linked.

  13. wow...that hot, vibrant mandala...stunning and perfect Haiku.


  14. you have ignited a perfect memory...
    once, sitting in wonder of the beauty of an open hibiscus flower, i "fell into the center". in one moment all experience of self vanished as i became the essence of this beauty.
    the next, i was above, in the vast sky looking down. what i saw was a young girl sitting on the earth crossed legged. i saw "me" shoulders, the top of my head, my hands holding the flower and from this universal perspective i was filled, so filled with profound love... that i expanded in a way that i can hardly begin to describe.
    there is more to this experience that graced me at the age of 16. let's just say from that vantage point, there is nothing but divine love. there is the perfect wisdom that we are all

    thank you for your words and image returning me to this sacred memory.

  15. Oh Rebecca! I didn't see your comment until just now. It is so beautiful. What an amazing memory. That you were able to experience that level of expanded consciousness at 16 is such a gift of grace and compassion, a wholeness of Self that comes to very few. I am glad that this image could remind you of that moment. Tomorrow is John Lennon's 70th birthday. I believe that he would have deeply appreciated your experience and your memory of it. I certainly do. Thank you!

  16. Thank you for bringing the richness of your image and haiku before our eyes and hearts!

    I would also like to add thanks for your observations of my collage, very interesting! I like to link with Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboard Group. My vision board collage is intuitively assembled from random images that 'speak to me'. I'm always amazed at what the completed artwork reveals!

  17. I like the idea of this blossom being a mandala!

  18. the beautiful brilliance of vibrant red.. it is overpowering all the more as a mandela... may the circle be unbroken...


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