The Changing Light

Sunset on the Bay by Thomas HawkSunset on the Bay by Thomas Hawk 

The Changing Light

The changing light
                 at San Francisco
       is none of your East Coast light
                none of your
                            pearly light of Paris
The light of San Francisco
                        is a sea light
                                       an island light
And the light of fog
                   blanketing the hills
          drifting in at night
                      through the Golden Gate
                                       to lie on the city at dawn
And then the halcyon late mornings
       after the fog burns off
            and the sun paints white houses
                                    with the sea light of Greece
                 with sharp clean shadows
                       making the town look like
                                it had just been painted
But the wind comes up at four o'clock
                                     sweeping the hills
And then the veil of light of early evening
And then another scrim
                  when the new night fog
                                        floats in
And in that vale of light
                      the city drifts
                                    anchorless upon the ocean
--Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Please Take the time to watch this time-lapse video in Full Screen and High Definition!. It is truly an experience! Just click on it to take it to a full-screen view.
*My Thanks to Jose Vega for sharing this on Google Buzz and making it known to me. It it a beautiful piece of HD time-lapse video work.
From Simon Christen, the Photographer: A collection of time lapses I took around the San Francisco Bay Area roughly shot over the period of one year.
Please watch in HD :-)
Find more of my work on my website
or on my flickr account:​seemoo
Music by Nick Cave - Mary's Song from the Soundtrack of "Assassination of Jesse James"


  1. So glad you liked it! I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. I felt so relaxed after watching it!

  2. I am testing my new comment program. I like this post very much. I love the time lapse film. It is almost a meditation for me and certainly a great piece of photographic art. I love Tom Hawk's photo as well and Ferlinghetti's poem on the city brings it all together. City Lights bookstore is my favorite bookstore in San Francisco, so I felt that he deserved this tribute. I like this new comment tool.


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