Open to Available Light

Red Poppy--Georgia O'Keefe

To be open to available light
in gesture, in affection, in spirit, in action;
to allow others to see the core of your
being--hearty, rich and filled 
with the seeds of compassionate grace--
is to be truly alive, fully present in the world 
and fully engaged with the divine.
--Noelle Renee 

David Whyte Incarnation Part I (1:34)

David Whyte Incarnation Part 2 (:43)


  1. Beautiful post Noelle...I'll have to share with you an exhibit I'm submitting work to called Sanctuary.

    I tried responding to your email to tell you thank you! for the link to the Hummingbird Moth...very cool...but it was kicked back.


  2. Thank you Stephanie. I would love to see the exhibit. I have boxbe on my gmail so you are probably on my waiting list. I will add you as a guest. You can add yourself too, but I will do it if you are there or send you a link. Thanks, glad you liked it.

  3. Inspired combination indeed, as this seemingly frail flower, of which I wonder how the bodiless petals can bear such a heavy red, pretty much symbolizes being «fully present in the world and fully engaged with the divine.» or as M.David Whyte puts it «being in togetherness and loneliness at the same time and not choose between them».
    Thank you Noelle.

  4. Thank you Paulo! I love the parallels you draw between the two quotes, because both of them refuse to be trapped in duality of any kind. Very nice indeed! Yes, the frail poppy with its bodiless petals must bear the heavy weight of its deep color. it is a fine symbol agreed!
    Peace and light,

  5. One of the workshops I attended last week in Providence at the IWWG conference was called "Writing to Change the World." This post is an example. Bravo!

  6. Why thank you, Meri. I hope you will share with us what you have learned. I am excited to hear!
    Peace and Light,


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