Rose Meditation by Noelle Renee

Sometimes it is essential to simply pause, breathe deeply, listen to the spirit within and smell the roses. Relax and get what is needed.
Rose Meditation from Noelle Clearwater on Vimeo.


  1. Such beautiful colors and shapes! It never fails to amaze me how often the spiral shows up in nature as it does in the unfolding of so many roses. And I've never thought of the morning glory as looking like a mandala, but this one does.

  2. Thanks Meri. After my last post, I went and took some more pictures. This is my first film. Yes, the spiral is in so many aspects of nature and the mandala. A friend has a book called mandalas in nature. Very beautiful.

  3. if we didn't think so much about the past or the future, i think angst would not exist. lovely words, my dear.

  4. i came to a desktop pc so i could see the video! my word, those are lovely images of life

  5. Thank you, Tom. I agree. Hard to follow but oh so true.

  6. Well, thanks Tom. I took those photos near my house and worked them over a little with cropping and changing contrast but not photoshop. I like the way they came out. I found I could get a black background with one by delaying the flash--the red one and the peach and yellow. Surprising and nice. The song is sung by a 13 year old boy.


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