Où sont les fleurs d'antan?

white flowers retro White Cloud flowers—Retro camera shot Noelle Renee 8/29/10


purple flowers retro Purple ballerinas retro shot—Noelle Renee 8/29/10


sunlight on roses retro Sunlight on a Rose Veranda—Retro Shot Noelle Renee 8/29/10


Theme Music from “Somewhere in Time” Composer John Barry


  1. The flowers of yesteryear never die. They exist, but not in this universe.

  2. C'est vrai, Monsieur. Ils existent dans nos reves.

  3. Sunlight on a Rose Veranda takes my breath away.
    Lovely tune. I wish I could play so well. And that my piano was tuned. Now I'll have to see if I have the music for that somewhere.

  4. Hi Jeannie,
    Glad you liked it. I love that tune as well. the film with Christopher Reeves is lovely. I think it is from 1980. But the time of the film is the Victorian era.

  5. Oh my...the rose veranda tells a story of cool summer mornings and soft conversation.


  6. ahhhh i see you have a love for flowers,
    may i ask,
    do you have a passion for paper???


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