Red Clouds Over Rooftops



(Noelle Renee) Taken with my android through a front window over the rooftops of Santa Barbara at 6:15 am


“Beauty is the illumination of your Soul.”
John O'Donohue

I was glad to have woken early this morning. I rarely see the sky at this time of day and if I do, it is through bleary eyes and a morning cup of coffee as I rise and get ready for a day of work ahead. I felt so appreciative of the handiwork of the artist who had painted such a breathtaking morning scene, and my window was the perfect frame for it. I raised my hands in gratitude for another day, and snapped a photograph to remember. My Special Thanksgiving post will be up tomorrow, but this is my personal thanksgiving.  Thank you for beauty, for love, for compassion, for friendship, for the angels who try to make this world a better place to live,  for the lives of those dear to me, who are still breathing, loving and laughing. Thank you to the One who is Love, Compassion and Grace.

~In Thanksgiving,

Noelle Renee



  1. There is such beauty in the inception of a new day. I live down the coast from you a bit and have a similar view. Thank you for visiting my blog. The weekend spent with Flora and other artists lights my days and inspires new works. Your blog is a delight. I look forward to seeing more of it.

  2. Thank you, Irene. So nice of you to stop by. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday :)

  3. hello beautiful sunrise; hello beautiful noelle, who greets the day with a grateful heart, who bestows her gifts of compassion and kindness freely. may she be blessed as she gives blessing.

  4. Thank you, Leslie. What a sweet surprise. I didn't see this till so late and it just made my evening.

  5. i love this noelle...because now i see what your eyes see from your home, from your awakening. so beautiful the beginning of a new day. i rise early most all mornings treasuring that last sprinkle of stars in the lightening sky,hearing nothing but the birds..
    distant then suddenly closer ringing in the bright realm of possibilities.
    now i have eyes on this sacred awakening from your eyes. now i stand in your footsteps of gratitude, now i know one more thing to add to the immeasurable things that i love about you.

  6. Thank you rebecca. We share so many things, such soul friends really. It is one thing, one jewel in this world for which I am always grateful.


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