Haiku My Heart “Spadoman” ~ There’s No Place Like Home

20110310700_6500©2011 Alfred Pleyer

It’s On The Tip of My Tongue
I Just Have to Say
I’m So Glad You’re Home!
~Noelle Renee

The world is round so that friendship may encircle it.”

Teilhard de Chardin
I Love You Joe. I Am So Glad That We Are Friends! Be Well; Be at Peace.
Peace, Love and Hugs,
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About the Photographer:

Alfred loves to travel and photograph.
He hails from Austria.
You may find more of his amazing photographic captures on
According to Alfred the following is true:
Citizen of the World
Living without a cat...
I Belong to group.as
I am involved in
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  1. dear noelle,

    as soon as i read your haiku with this wonderful photograph i was in a flat out smile!
    thank you for such a warm glorious welcome for joe, so much so that it lifted my heart too!

  2. Such wonderful news... and such a joyful post!!
    Bless you, Noelle! xoxo

  3. ~~i just have to say~~


    eyes shining here
    with our good fortune
    that More Time is now Available
    for a warm friendship
    to continue...


  4. Perfect NOelle!!! thank for for starting my day with a smile!


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