Haiku My Heart ~ When You Belong, You Can Fly


©2011 George Koruth


Knowing We Belong

Releases Us From All Our Fears

And Lets Us Fly Free.

~Noelle Renee



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About The Photographer

George Koruth

George Koruth is a Travel and Documentary photographer based in India. His collection captures India's rich culture and traditions. One of his specialties is street photography. Be it a smiling child or a wrinkled old woman, you will find a unique collection of faces here. He also loves to showcase social issues and hopes his photographs can give a voice to those people who don't have any say in this world. George has done work for international magazines and websites and has been featured in Indian magazines.

You may find more of his wonderful work  at :



The  copyrighted images above were posted with the Photographer’s permission. All Rights Are Reserved. Thank you.


  1. There is great joy in the "flying" child's face!

    haiku on Friday
    a handful of syllables
    scattered heart to heart

    Haiku here and here

  2. dear noelle,
    you have to know your haiku speaks straight to my heart. belonging is a word that holds such a wealth of meaning. thank you for our friendship, and each new and wondrous way of being there for each other.

  3. Thank you, rebecca. I will always be grateful for your friendship. Your heart is The house of belonging.
    Much Love,

  4. Dear Noelle,
    My heart soars every time I join with haiku my heart, what a blessing to belong! I have always dreamed that I could fly as long as I can remember, not sure if this is significant but the dreams are always beautiful, just like the look in the child's eyes.

    Sue x

  5. good morning noelle,
    i went to bed feeling the strength of your haiku. "knowing we belong", truly does release us from all our fears. may everyone wake today to a renewed sense of their place in the heart of life. may everyone feel without a shadow of a doubt their immeasurable worth, their irreplaceable significance, their bright light in the circle of love.
    thank you noelle for your generous offering to all, to FLY~!

  6. Noelle

    Thank you so much for this Haiku and directing me to http://indabaonevoice.blogspot.com/2011/11/your-life-bends-down-and-kisses-your.html

    Both have meant such a lot and show me that I must re-learn how to fly

    Charlotte x

  7. Beautiful picture and there is so much joy and happiness in there even without color!! There is great bonding and pure innocence!! Your words in the Haiku does much justice to a fantastic picture by George Koruth!!
    Wish you much peace and happiness dear Noelle!!
    Lots of love!!

  8. Noelle, thank you for the lovely comment about my DD and her "wings"!!
    Your haiku and photo are so inspiring - I look forward to Fridays every week!


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