Lollipops ©Gertrude Kasebier circa 1910   Description: "Lollipops." Mina Turner and her cousin Elizabeth in Waban, Massachusetts. 1910.



“Friendship," said Christopher Robin, "is a very comforting thing to have.”
A.A. Milne



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Gertrude Stanton Käsebier  

b. 1852 Des Moines, Iowa, d. 1934 New York City

"My children and their children have been my closest thought, but from the first days of dawning individuality, I have longed unceasingly to make pictures of people...to make likenesses that are biographies, to bring out in each photograph the essential personality."
--Gertrude Käsebier

Käsebier's career in art followed from her first career as a mother. After studying painting at Pratt Institute and opening a portrait studio in New York in 1897, she switched to photography, displaying the influence of her painting training in her Pictorialist style. Her family and friends posed for her most celebrated series of photographs on the subject of motherhood.
Käsebier exhibited her photographs in the Philadelphia Photographic Society exhibitions, and Alfred Stieglitz reproduced five of her images in his journalCamera Notes in 1899. The following year, along with Anne Brigman, Käsebier was one of the first two women to be elected to the British Linked Ring; two years later she became a founding member of Stieglitz's Photo-Secession group. Stieglitz continued to champion her by devoting the first issue of his second journal, Camera Work, to her images. Käsebier broke with Stieglitz and the Photo-Secession in 1912 but continued to photograph until she closed her studio in 1929.


  1. That might be one of my favorite photos ever posted on a blog! I just love it -- and reading the quotes was wonderful, too. Thank you --

  2. yes - me too!

    xox - eb.

  3. oh noelle,
    all the dappled sunlight! the two girls who cannot sit closer, the sunny paradise of true friendship. thank you for finding something so clearly filled with light and love, and your dedication, goodness, friendship is such a very comforting thing to have!

    i am all smiles!

  4. Thanks, rebecca :). Me too! You are the best! I love these antique photographs!

  5. Dear Noelle,

    I love the connection this image and quote brings on so many levels. First and foremost has to be your love of the 'blog family', you find the most exquisite photographs for us to share, what a gift. This particular one connects me personally with my past, as a young girl the ribbon was essential, every girl had one in her hair! Oh and the lollipops what other kind of candy was there anyway?! ;~)

    Soul hugs dear sister,

    Sue x


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