Les Fleurs du Coeur


Enough. These Few Words Are Enough.



If Not These Words, This Breath.



If Not This Breath, This Sitting Here.



This Opening To The Life


103FL_56E3 (1)

We Have Refused



Again and Again.


IMG_5045E1Until Now.



Until Now.



~David Whyte

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About The Photographer

Kelli Seeger Kim

Kelli loves working on her photography and has come to appreciate the time and hard work that goes into making a beautiful image. In her spare time she loves a good science fiction novel or a great film.

Kelli has two beautiful boys, who are featured in some of her images and a huge crush on her very sweet husband. More of Her Phenomenal images can be found on G+. All images in this post are the copyrighted property of Kelli Seeger Kim. They were posted here with her kind permission. Thank you.


  1. We are living in a superficial world where life revolves around the minutiae of outward appearances. Lovely reminder to open up ones hearts and souls like these flowers. Only an experienced teacher can guide, to reveal the beautiful intricacies of a full life, all within this short period of existence between birth and death!! This comes today as a breath of cool fresh air, a sprinkler on dried parched minds!!
    Excellent posting today Noelle, a rare day such as today (11.11.2011)
    Wishing you the very best!!

  2. dark eyelashes
    on soft cheeks
    so Finely
    delicate petal Blossoms...

    {{ such a holy place
    you do create
    for us Here;
    i whisper my comment 2 U,
    Dear One }}

  3. Oh, this is so very beautiful. Love the words and the wonderful pictures that made them live.


  4. Beautiful dear petal, as are you,
    hope you are feeling not too uncomfortable this morning,
    sending soothing energy your way,

    Sue x

  5. completely trans-formative.the beauty that we are offered in each new moment. the truth that we are so often willing to decline.
    the beauty that the offering rises with each new day and the promise that in any moment we can rise to the enormity of life and say yes.

    thank you noelle for throwing open the floodgates of my heart once again.


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