A Single Path of Vision


Rocky landscapeRocky Landscape 1 ©2011 Arnestad   ~   Rocky landscape on the coast of Herfoel, an island in Hvaler county, Norway. The water pots left and right are typical for the coastal island and is seen everywhere. The tower on the peak is for ships visibility and this particular tower is called Linnekleppen.


Its vision sweeps its one path
like an aged monk raking a garden,
his question long ago answered or moved on.

Rocky landscapeRocky Landscape II tonemapped ©2011 Arnestad ~ Rocky landscape on the coast of Herfoel, an island in Hvaler county, Norway. The scene is captured as the sun sets in summertime and the image gets the nice and warm tone to it. The tower on the peak is for ships visibility and this particular tower is called Linnekleppen.


Far off, night-grazing horses,
breath scented with oatgrass and fennel,
step through it, disappear, step through it, disappear.
~Jane Hirshfield


from The Wisdom Anthology
of North American Buddhist Poetry
ed. Andrew Schelling, 2005

About The Photographer:

Arnestad profile

Thomas Russ Arnestad

About Arnestad Photography

Arnestad Photography (NO 990 983 267 MVA) presents the photographic work of Thomas Russ Arnestad (b.1979, Oslo).
He works as the Head of Photography at
Inviso AS, the largest real estate photography company in Norway. During low season he performs ad-hoc photographic work for numerous clients.

Besides interior photography he also shoots a lot of landscape, architecture, cars, products and travel images to name a few.
His interest began, as for many others, with the fascination of light and the beautiful impact it has on the nature surrounding us. From there on, it´s been a long journey to get where he´s at now. His nature and landscape photography, is today as then, a form for recreation and an excuse to spend some time alone.
Recent photos have been targeted into more specific projects and series than before. This is the way to go for getting more thought and substance into the photography for Arnestad.

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  1. The picture and the words bring a myriad of  thoughts and lovely imagery to mind!! No line or word  in the verses above seem out of place or unnecessary!! Each word is so well selected and positioned!! Marvelous combination of poetry and photographs!! 
    Best Wishes Noelle!! 
    Nanka :)

  2. I have 'a thing' for lighthoused so your post really spoke to me. Gorgeous photos and wonderful poems brought me right back to my childhood and hometown... thanks!

  3. my favorite image
    from this posting:

    ~~like an aged monk raking a garden~~


    One would know
    the answer to all questions...

  4. there is a holy rhythm here.  all at once i am the rake, the horse, the path, the light, the aged monk. all at once i am the question and the answer....
    stepping through it....disappearing...stepping through it...disappearing.

  5. Thank you, rebecca for your depth of insight and love of the sacred.
    Noelle x

  6. Yes Bonnie, certainly one would! :)

  7. I am so glad, Marit. I think that lighthouses are much more prevalent in Europe than they are here. So beautiful!
    Noelle x

  8. I am just catching up with the blogs that I follow Noelle. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing this. 

  9. Rugged rocks, angry skies, protective look-outs with dashes of glowing wonderment, such drama, all of which are very familiar to my coast-lands too.  I feel at home here.

    Thanks for your far reaching eye!

    Sue x


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