Metamorphosis Project ~Part II ~Luca Renoldi

One Shoe Luca Renoldi 7© 2011 lucarenoldiphoto. All rights reserved.

Like a moveable theme drawn into being by a great composer ~ who places it into one part of the music, then another

0SC_5358-c© 2011 lucarenoldiphoto. All rights reserved.

Sometimes folding or inverting like shirting-fabric, Sometimes setting it upside down like a stone or a swarm of bees

0SC_5381-c© 2011 lucarenoldiphoto. All rights reserved.

that knows neither top nor bottom,

yet by balance remains recognizable and whole,

the old lie comes

0SC_5398-c© 2011 lucarenoldiphoto. All rights reserved.

Its notes like white-faced cows looking back in strong starlight.

Hard to say why this so pleases.

0SC_5390-c© 2011 lucarenoldiphoto. All rights reserved.

Perhaps it is not the outcome, but the listening,

the being asked once more to listen.

~Jane Hirschfield

The Lie

from Given Sugar , Given Salt 2001


Pavane Op.50, G. Faure. Meyers-Cutsinger, Classical.


The Project
What this project aims to offer the viewer is the opportunity to see reality with new eyes, eyes  that "distort" what he sees, in an attempt to reveal what lies behind appearance, so that his altered state of mind may predispose him to look at metamorphosis. Through the game of decomposition and the multiplication of points of view, it highlights not only the availability of the mind to deformation, but also the lack of an absolute truth, (how this can prevail), to offset one’s own unique perspective: This is an important finding for understanding the meaning of the project (following the intent of Apuleius). The philosophical theme that accompanies the whole project is that of an eternal universe as a place of transformation, where "mutantur omnia, nihil interit" ie "nothing perishes but everything is transformed.

The Photographer

Luca Renoldi was born in Milan in 1958 and lives close to Monza, Not far from His beloved Milan. Due to His indomitable vitality and will to discover new horizons, he is often described as a twenty-year-old with thirty years of experience! For all his passions he dedicates 100% of his effort and vitality. Lover of football, a fan of FC Internazionale Milano, he is an active participant of the Inter Club Muratidentro supporters club. He has forever loved photographic art  taking pictures of whatever he finds interesting, nothing precluded,  fitting his perspectives to the mounted optics, rarely constructing his own photos, leaving the images as real as his eyes have captured. As  manager in a company that produces industrial laundry machines, he travels all around the world right along with his trustworthy Nikon. During his frequent travels, he always finds the time to dedicate himself to photography, which effectively combines with fractals or sometimes various experimental techniques.

Note on the Series

This is the second installment of a series of photographs that make up this wonderful project. My thanks to Luca Renoldi for allowing me to post his phenomenal work on The Angels Wear Fins.

These photographs were posted with the photographer’s permission. All Rights are Reserved ©. Thank you.

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  1. What beautiful pictures.  I wish I had captured pictures this beautiful of my granddaughter in performance.  Well done!  Truly joyful!  Cathy

  2. so wonderful...thank you for sharing this creative joy !
    Happy Thursday !

  3. This photo series is so intriguing -- unexpected, a clash of cultures, an homage to beauty wherever we find it.

  4. I knew that you would find it interesting, Meri. You have an adventurous mind and heart :)

  5. I love the contrast between the graffiti walls and the girls...really beautiful

  6. These are powerful images.  From my perspective, the juxtaposition and hook of  beautiful vibrant energy draws the viewer  into the composition asking  questions about deterioration and the cycle of life?

    Very interesting, thank you for bringing this work to our attention.

    sue x

  7. Beautiful,  the beauty and poise of the ballerina against the graffiti background. 

  8. "the being asked once more to listen"....dear noelle this is what you ask of us with your every offering, to listen deeply, to see more fully, to ponder thoughtfully.

  9. thank you , dear rebecca. So good to have you back!!


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