Balance: the metamorphosis project III ~Luca Renoldi

three Graces in Flight lucarenoldi© 2011 lucarenoldiphoto. All rights reserved.

Balance is noticed most when almost failed of--

in an elephant’s delicate wavering

on her circus stool, for instance,

or that moment

when a ladder starts to tip but steadies back.

Through the Rabbit Hole lucarenoldi© 2011 lucarenoldiphoto. All rights reserved.

There are too, its mysterious departures

Hours after the dishes are washed and stacked,

a metal bowl clangs to the floor,

the weight of drying water all that altered;

a painting vertical for years

one morning — why? — requires a restoring tap.

spinning heart lucarenoldi© 2011 lucarenoldiphoto. All rights reserved.

You have felt it disappearing

from your own capricious heart —

A restlessness enters, the smallest leaning begins.

Spinning heart 2 lucarenoldi© 2011 lucarenoldiphoto. All rights reserved.

Already then inevitable,

the full collision,

the life you will describe afterward always as “after.”

~Jane Hirschfield

Given Sugar, Given Salt ©2001


The Project
What this project aims to offer the viewer is the opportunity to see reality with new eyes, eyes  that "distort" what he sees, in an attempt to reveal what lies behind appearance, so that his altered state of mind may predispose him to look at metamorphosis. Through the game of decomposition and the multiplication of points of view, it highlights not only the availability of the mind to deformation, but also the lack of an absolute truth, (how this can prevail), to offset one’s own unique perspective: This is an important finding for understanding the meaning of the project (following the intent of Apuleius). The philosophical theme that accompanies the whole project is that of an eternal universe as a place of transformation, where "mutantur omnia, nihil interit" ie "nothing perishes but everything is transformed.

The Photographer

Luca Renoldi was born in Milan in 1958 and lives close to Monza, Not far from His beloved Milan. Due to His indomitable vitality and will to discover new horizons, he is often described as a twenty-year-old with thirty years of experience! For all his passions he dedicates 100% of his effort and vitality. Lover of football, a fan of FC Internazionale Milano, he is an active participant of the Inter Club Muratidentro supporters club. He has forever loved photographic art  taking pictures of whatever he finds interesting, nothing precluded,  fitting his perspectives to the mounted optics, rarely constructing his own photos, leaving the images as real as his eyes have captured. As  manager in a company that produces industrial laundry machines, he travels all around the world right along with his trustworthy Nikon. During his frequent travels, he always finds the time to dedicate himself to photography, which effectively combines with fractals or sometimes various experimental techniques.

Note on the Series

This is the Third installment of a series of photographs that make up this wonderful project. My thanks to Luca Renoldi for allowing me to post his phenomenal work on The Angels Wear Fins.

These photographs were posted with the photographer’s permission. All Rights are Reserved ©. Thank you.

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  1. I love this way of looking at balance -- the poem and photos go beautifully together and are still slightly "off" balance. Perfectly imbalanced!

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth, that's wonderful!

  3. you have to know these words cut so close to the cloth for me. balance being a very fleeting promise, more a memory. oh the perfect grace my body once lavished in. jane hirschfield's  words so compelling, balanced is noticed most, once failed.

    going to mendocino was as soul stirring as this poem. i lived there...radiantly happy, all those years "before" the illness, the fall from grace. 

    thank you noelle for this humble brush with "after".

  4. The second image is amazing!

    I have loved this series of photograph's, reminds me of my days back at college, there was always some trip or other to view up and coming students' new and thrilling work! 
    These autumn mornings remind me too as the new year and season got on the way.... the anticipation.... think I may have to go back...!

    And then there's the words....  much to be said about balance, I can never hold mine in yoga, still I keep practising! Thanks for sharing, 

    Sue x

  5. The Jane Hirshfield poem sent me scrambling to add her volumes to my very full poetry shelf. She is a poet I've never read and if this poem is typical, I'll love her. Thanks, Noelle, for the introduction.

  6. Thanks, Meri. She is one of my favorite poets. I have several volumes of hers. I don't think you will be disappointed. If you have any to recommend to me I would be grateful :)


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