The Grain of Wood Runs True


Through it All © 2011 Tony Le

Wooden Boats

I have a brother who builds wooden boats,
Who knows precisely how a board
Can bend or turn, steamed just exactly
Soft enough so he, with help of friends,
Can shape it to the hull.

The knowledge lies as much
Within his sure hands on the plane
As in his head;

Underneath it All © 2011 Tony Le

It lies in love of wood and grain,
A rough hand resting on the satin
Of the finished deck.

Is there within us each
Such artistry forgotten
In the cruder tasks
The world requires of us,
The faster modern work
That we have
Turned our life to do?

Into the Sunset © Tony Le

Could we return to more of craft
Within our lives,
And feel the way the grain of wood runs true,
By letting our hands linger
On the product of our artistry?

Could we recall what we have known

But have forgotten,
The gifts within ourselves,
Each other too,

wooden boat MJ Lewis

And thus transform a world
As he and friends do,
Shaping steaming oak boards
Upon the hulls of wooden boats?

~ Judy Brown ~


 About The Photographer: Tony Le


I am currently 27 with a beautiful wife and son. I earned a network and communication degree at Devry University. While my job can be very technical, I need a creative outlet which photography fulfilled. Photography has always been one of my favorite hobbies because it allows me  to showcase how I perceive the world. I can come up with many reasons why I became a photographer, the  simplest answer was that my first son was on his way and I wanted to capture every moment. That was about 3 years ago and I've snapped over 20,000 photos. Most were bad and only some were great but the key thing is that I tried to learn something new with each captured  moment.

My only real education in photography was for a high school elective course, Photography 101. That was only 10 years go during the film and darkroom era. Thank goodness those darkroom days are gone. I am a self taught photographer and currently specialize in landscape photography and I am starting to teach myself about the style of portraiture and lighting effect.

You may find more of Tony’s wonderful work at his website:

Note: All photos other than the boat photo are the copyrighted material of Tony Le and were photographed in Balboa,CA. They were published here with the photographer’s permission. All Rights reserved.


  1. this speaks
    Volumes to me today:
    ~~~Could we recall what we have known But have forgotten~~~

    i want to thank  you
    you did inspire me with your email
    to post a bit
    about my mom...
    i did today


    i do thank you for that,

  2. I love these Tony Le images, especially Into the Sunset. And he speaks for me, too, about using photography to show how I see the world. Each person who begins to build a body of photographic work creates a unique fingerprint and sensibility. Two people each standing in front of a building, for example, will create totally different images because they see differently.


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