Haiku My Heart: The Secret Garden


Hi There 1 Fabien BravinHi there© 2011 Fabien Bravin

Dreaming of Poppies

I Find I’m Awakened By

A Small Alien.

We Come In Peace Fabien BravinNous venons en paix / We come in peace © 2011 Fabien Bravin

In Reverie of

Daisies Creatures of Good Will

Are Announcing Peace.

Kingdom of Heaven Fabien BravinKingdom of Heaven © 2011 Fabien Bravin

In Love I Wander

Asking, Is the Kingdom of

Heaven Close at Hand?

In God's Country Fabien BravinIn God’s Country © 2011 Fabien Bravin

 Then A Butterfly

Quells anxiety saying

“You’re in God’s Country.”

Underground Party Fabien BravinUnderground Party ©2011 Fabien Bravin

I feel fine until

Fyodor sends Notes from the

Underground Party.


~All Haikus by Noelle Renee 9.1.11

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such a treat!

About the Author

Fabien Bravin

Fabien Bravin is 38 years old, living in Toulouse (FRANCE).
He is an engineer by profession, and began photographing professionally in 2008 after buying his first DSLR. Since that day, it has become a real passion for him. It  is mostly the beauty of  nature and the light that attracts him.

If you want to see more of his phenomenal  work you have many wonderful and exciting choices.  Just have a look at his 1x homepage :
or his beautiful photo website :
or his flickr photostream :

Exciting News!

Now available Fabien’s first photobook of macro photographs
2 versions available
small square format :
big square format : http://fr.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1678963

All photos here were posted with the photographer’s permission. All Rights  are Reserved. Thank you!


  1. aahhh....
    i just butterfly haiku'ed
    as well!

    {{  love
    when coincidence does occur }}

    i do smile large
    a small alien
    pops in,
    don't you?

  2. you have taken me quite outside myself, (i am always ready for such a deversion!) and suddenly i am Thumbelina where flowers are architecture and conversations include all things beautiful and small! love love love your playfulness this morning! have you ever noticed how praying mantas truly engage in eye contact and  listen with such intensity?? thanks for taking me back to a time when i dressed dolls in flower petals,  an abalone shell was a pool of water, a simple leaf a sail.

  3. What wonderful words these magnificent photos inspired ! Beautiful Artwork today, Noelle !
    Have a great long weekend !

  4. Dear Thumbelina,
    I have noticed that about mantises, although I don't see many in these parts. I love that they are extra sensory! I like to think of you dressing your dolls in flower petals, filling abalone shells with liquid pearl so that ants could dive in, and fixing a wooden boat with a leaf to finally sail off into the sunset. Thank you for your poetic heart.

  5. haha, LOVE this! that first photo made me instantly smile - such a dear creature peeking out from his poppy home. and your haiku-stories make it even more fun :)

    p.s. i loved that poem you sent me, too - am printing it out to keep in my journal (as I sit in my untidy house and look out the window into my untidy garden ;)

  6. Such beautiful haiku to go with such beautiful shots!

  7. I smiled when I saw that little face peaking over the top of the bloom. Wonderful images and wonderful words. I'm still smiling! 

  8. I Love you, Leslie. Making you smile makes my day!

  9. Thank you very much Noelle for such a beautiful presentation.
    I'm proud and glad you contact me. You did a great work. This really warms my heart. You make my day
    Take care

  10. Dear Noelle,

    Normally, a praying mantis sends me running in the other direction.  However, this first photo is so enchanging, I just fell into it.  I continued to scroll.  I search for more. 

  11. Oh my!! These pictures are captivating and so beautiful!  Your haikus complement them soooo well!

  12. Fabien,
    I am so glad that you are pleased by it. It was a real joy for me to have such a playful experience with your beautiful images. They bring such happiness to everyone who sees them. I am very glad that it brought you joy as well. I hope to share some in the future if I might. Thank you!

  13. Love it when the faerie folk come out to play.

  14. Opens up His World of Grace
    Permits us to enter in
    His kingdom ~ a world of joys
    Brings light within us all!! 

    Beautiful photography and your Haiku complement the photos!!  This will sing in my heart for a long time. 
    Cheers Noelle!! 

  15. Noelle, I marvel at the photographs you collect...the wee mantis (grasshopper?) shyly looking over the poppy.  They are so very human like...like old woman, frail but full of wisdom.  Your Haiku weaves a most wonderful story.

    You are right, I am telling the tale of what was and you of what it...

  16. Hi Stephanie,
    Yes these are Mantises and the "Juliet" is called an Empusa. I have been finding out more about these little creatures. They do seem frail yet wise and full of life! Thanks for your kind words. 

  17. You find the most wondrous things, Noelle!  I looked at Fabien's photoblog, and it does seem that "happiness is in the meadow."  I love how you developed the story in haiku-form--smiled at how those shadowy existentialists came peeping up from the underground!  An interesting note about the praying mantis:  they lay their eggs in the fall and then die.  Some gardeners harvest these eggs to be hatched in the spring...  Cyclic renewal?  Part of life... 

  18. Margaret,
    I love that you are so literary and caught the allusion to Dostoevsky! Thank you. So glad you enjoyed it. I am finding out a lot about the mantis since I posted these and really enjoying it. Thanks for that new addition to the story. It makes it all the more beautiful. I love the idea of life being constantly renewed and our being a part of it!

  19. Phenomenal photo's indeed! Those creatures looks so magical, and you amplified the feeling with your haikus. Beautiful!


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