Postcards From Paradise: New Moon in Japan: Prayers and Offerings for the Flowers of the World (click on haiku links)

5567210958_e818de2268_o (1)The Mystery Cult with Kind Permission from ©Christophe Kiciak
Japanese People
Petals on Barren Landscape

The Photographer: Very Special Thanks to Photographer Christophe Kiciak who hails from France for his amazing digital work, the product of over 36 different images . We are grateful to him for his kindness and generosity in lending this image to benefit the People of Japan. Thank you Christophe!  You make a difference.

Photo from (Ofunato Prefecture, March 28, 2011.) ~ 1,500 boxes have already been committed to Japan so far. Japanese authorities express deepest respect for ShelterBoxes’ work.
Mission To Help Bring AID and Comfort To Japan:
The Aquatic Angels is a fundraising team that has formed online in an effort to help the wonderful and deserving people of Japan who need our mercy, compassion and care. We are giving you the opportunity to Join Us in Offering the Japanese People, who have faced the disaster of both Earthquake and Tsunami ~Shelter, Comfort, Warmth and a Chance at Human Dignity in the Face of True Disaster. If you would like to help our team, Aquatic Angels,~ simply Sponsor us by clicking on the team name or any one of the other colored links in this paragraph, which will direct you to our team page where you may offer whatever gift of Love your heart leads you to give. In addition, there is a wonderful image of a Japanese doll taken by my teammate Rebecca Brooks at the bottom of my blog page. It says “ShelterBoxUSA” and Aquatic Angels Team. You may click on her as well to reach the Aquatic Angels’ team page. We are trying to reach a $2,000 goal and we are nearly there. The cost of sending one ShelterBox is $1,000 USD. Our money has already gone to sending various boxes and we want to keep contributing. Please open your hearts and give whatever you can to help our Japanese Brothers and Sisters. Lift up your hands to Bless the World and Reach Toward Japan in Love and Peace.
Ofunato Prefecture, March 28, 2011.
For More Postcards From Paradise Please visit Recuerda Mi Corazon. You will be so glad that you did!


  1. THANKS for posting these photos!!! So exciting. When I get to a better computer I'll watch the video, too. I've been quite ill this week, so haven't been around to see you much...

  2. dear noelle,
    i am up for a bit of hot tea...weak, yet turning a corner toward renewal. this is a lovely post and i am so touched by your stamina to offer support to japan each new day!
    thank you for your healing thoughts and wonderful friendship.
    you inspire me!

  3. That is okay dear. I am glad to show them and let people see that some help
    has arrived! It is good to see some smiling faces, even with so much still
    going on. the video is great! I am thinking of you!

  4. Fabulous haiku, Noelle. And thanks for building unity..........

  5. Such a lovely haiku of hope and happiness, bless you Noelle,

    A surreal image for surreal times.

    Love Sue x

  6. Amazing image! It is good to see the shelter boxes in use in Japan-sweet pictures! Glad you like the link-it is great isn't it?

  7. You always gather the most important information to feed us. The image of that moon and the special flower people is so very powerful. Happy that you are close to 2 shelter boxes!!!


  8. Yes, Sarah. Thank you for your giving heart and for making life a little
    easier for these lovely people and their families.
    Love x

  9. Thanks, Stephanie. I am hoping. The money actually goes to many boxes no
    matter what. It has already gone out to many many boxes already of which I
    am very glad as people need help immediately, but I would like to make the
    2,000 goal.I know that help is still badly needed and they also provide
    winter gear and supplies for people. Thanks for your encouragement.
    Noelle xo

  10. Thank you dear. Yes, I thought it was a lovely image and the symbol is a
    Japanese one for April or the fourth moon. It was the third moon that
    created the tsunami, so the fourth full moon should be one of hope and
    peace. The link to "petals" in the haiku leads to other information about
    children who have been orphaned by the tsunami. And "Pray" is the prayer of
    a buddhist nun regarding the nuclear disaster. I don't know that anyone hit
    the links.
    Noelle x

  11. Once again, your compassion and your creativity have joined to inspire us and the world. As we activate the energy of peace and the energy of love within ourselves, we activate that energy in the world...every impulse that we feel is transmitted outward to do its highest good work in the Universe. Thank you for being such a loving catalyst.

  12. That image you discovered is amazing, Noelle! As I looked up the next full moon, I saw your article about it falling on Palm Sunday. I found this article fascinating, but I was also thinking (hoping) it ws figurative language. However, there are dozens of ancient and not-so-ancient cultures who are very sure the earth will change drastically by the year 2012. Some people believe there are some young children living now who will re-create earth and save us (Indigo children). It is a fact that explosions on the sun have a direct affect on earth. We'll have to see three months after Palm Sunday. LOVE (ps: I commented on your haiku my heart post--sorry to be late.)

  13. Hi Margaret,
    My understanding was that the last full moon brought the destruction of the
    Tsunami. It is true that there could be more earthquake to come, but my
    meaning in using the link was to connect it figuratively with death and
    resurrection,(ascension) Thanks for seeing that. I have heard of Indigo
    children just recently and in fact think that I know one who is very close
    to me. He is my best friend's son. Many people don't believe in this
    phenomenon but it makes sense to me. I saw your comment on my haiku. It was


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