Healing Reflections


Deep Reflections

We Look to the Light

To find the True Reflection

of Our Own Wholeness.

~Noelle Renee

4/22/11 (Good Friday)

(subject: “Fergus”  and his mirrored reflection with kind permission )

For More Reflective and Fascinating Haikus, Please visit my dear friend Rebecca at Recuerda mi Corazon. You will feel that you belong at once and know that it is worth the journey!


  1. Wow! And I adore your header photo!

  2. Hi Noelle~ I really like this haiku. We do need to bring everything up to the light for affirmation. Keeping any part of ourselves in the dark would be to deny it. And then we're not allowing ourselves to be whole. Great how you called it "healing." That is such a soulful expression on Fergus's face! He is seeing his reflection in the light. Is the other tabby from the same litter?
    (I wanted to tell ou that I answered a question you asked me a few posts back. I hope you saw it on my blog.)
    Wishing you a blessed Easter, Love, Margaret

  3. Noelle, I forget to mention that I love the lush new colors on your blog! xxox

  4. Hi Margaret,
    I didn't see the response but I will look back. Thank you for your good
    wishes and for your deeply insightful response. Fergus is a very soulful
    little cat. Actually that is his own reflection. He is looking at himself in
    the mirror of my closet door which is very large. I took the photo facing
    the mirror. It is a bit of trick photography. I liked it!
    Happy Easter my dear!

  5. Magical Mystical TeacherApril 23, 2011 at 12:58 AM

    And (being the devil's advocate here), what would happen if we looked to the darkness?

    Sacred Place

  6. Dearest Noelle,

    You always search out the most heart touching images, this one being the loveliest kitten pic I've ever seen! It certainly reflects the light in you and your caring for others.

    Your retreat break sounded just what you needed after your hard work this year, wish I could have been there!

    Sue x

  7. Looking to the light. Being aware of the light. Looking FOR the light. Wanting to see the light. Expecting the light. Keeping it positive. You are a gem amongst stones as far as helping and guidingnus to the light. Your pictures, posts and words are always there for us, like a good strong light of reason. Thank you.


  8. What a cutie Fergus is! Our pets give us so much insight and love...
    I adore your sweet and thoughtful Haiku.

  9. We ARE the light............

  10. Indeed Meri. We are. Sometimes we forget that. Fergus was a wonderful and
    healing reminder!
    On Apr 23, 2011 8:54 AM, "Disqus" <>

  11. Yes, but the moment we find the reflection of our own wholeness..we become light.. I liked the thought..well expressed..

  12. Yes, Ramesh, I agree, and then others see the reflection of their own wholeness in us and the spiral broadens doesn't it? It is a wonderful process!

  13. oh noelle...my words fall so short, so please except my deep bow in silence to your light.

  14. just catching up here today, belatedly... and i love this : )

  15. Thanks, Les. You and I are lovers of furry golden souls.


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