Haiku My Heart: Children’s Haiku From the Japanese Garden: Lift Up Your Hands to Bless The World 日本 and Reach Out Your Arms in Love to Nippon


The following are haiku and pictures written and drawn by Japanese grade school and high school children living in Japan. These were published online on a website called Children’s Haiku Garden, along with haiku written by children from the U.S., Canada, Australia and several other countries. I see the website as an international garden where all haiku and the children who write them coexist peaceably.

each insect
its own summer

(VERSE)Saori Yamada 11yrs :Japanese
(PICTURE)Saori Yamada 11yrs:Japanese

a raindrop on the window
in the morning sun

(VERSE) Mai Sonokawa 14yrs :Japanese
(PICTURE) Saki Tokuda 15yrs :
@@@@@Yatsushiro Daiyon Junior High School, Kumamoto Prefecture

spring thunder
breaking some umbrellas,
cherry blossoms scatter

(VERSE)Shotaro Kajihara 12yrs :Japanese
(PICTURE)Emi Sugita 12yrs:Japanese

The sound of the waves
Soothe the pain of my heart
At the evening shore

(VERSE)Masayo Matsumoto 15yrs :Japanese
(PICTURE)Miho Kobayashi 14yrs :
@@@@@Yatsushiro Daiyon Junior High School, Kumamoto Prefecture

moon light
the blossom pink wind

(VERSE)Yuko Miyazawa 15yrs :Japanese
(PICTURE)Seika Yanagawa 15yrs:Japanese

a red dragonfly
little Mi-chan

(VERSE)Mitsuyo Katsumata 8yrs :Japanese
(PICTURE)Midori Hasegawa 11yrs:Japanese

These Haiku May be found at the following link


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  1. The haiku and artworks are very beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Those are fantastic! What beautiful drawings and even more beautiful haiku. Kids weave those words with what seems like so much more skill, feeling and heart than so many 'adults'. Exceptional talent and beauty. Such peaceful images and thoughts. Good job finding the site that holds these treasures.


  3. margaretpanpipesApril 9, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    Hi Noelle~ Thank you for sharing these and also for explaining that the Haiku Garden is global. One world = one people. The haiku are so full of wisdom, the kind of wisdom when mind/body/soul connects with nature. And the illustrations are beautiful! xxox

  4. you know how the art and words of children speak straight to my heart.

    thank you for this my friend....

  5. You bring such beauty before our eyes, always turning our attention to the way of love. Your mother would have been brimming with pride for the person you have become.

    Happy remembering today!

    Love Sue x

  6. Thank you for this Noelle.
    Together we can!!!

  7. Bless you, Gemma. I am thankful for your kindness!


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