Haiku My Heart: Children’s Haiku~American Garden

Red and Yellow Leaves

Red and yellow leaves
Drift to the ground
A cool breeze

Joey Ramirez 10yrs
Webster School

winter rainy day

winter rainy day
playing in the big puddles
water everywhere

Karle Henry 9yrs
Dry Creek Elementary School

stars twinkle stars shine

Stars twinkle, stars shine
Hovering in the dark sky
I wish they were mine

(VERSE) Holly, grade 4
(PICTURE)Holly, grade 4
@@@@@Peacham Elementary School, Peacham, Vermont

following the bee

following the bee
from one lilac to the next--
curious toddler

(VERSE) Will Brideau, grade 9
(PICTURE) Eric Santiago, grade 10
@@@@@School of the Arts, Rochester, NY

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  1. I just love the artwork of children (I posted a child drawing on my blog this evening as well!) So beautiful, creative and poetic. I agree with Picasso about the wonder of children's drawings. If only I could still see the world that way.

  2. These are all brilliant!

  3. Extremely delightful pictures and worthy haikus.. what a visit this.. I am feeling soaked in happiness.. loved it Noelle.. Thanks..

  4. Oh my!! What talented children! I really enjoyed this! Thank you!

  5. this was precious. and they are very artistic and creative children.

  6. i heart ART and haiku from the eyes of children.
    you are a collection of bright playful sunshine gracing our day!

  7. stopped in now to say
    i red*poppied my haiku...
    a bright morning kiss.

  8. I no longer have much incentive to behave myself...evidently I'm already in Heaven! These are gorgeous. Made me love life even more than I already do! :)

  9. all beautifully written and the essential of haiku .... not in syllables or in subject matter .... but all honest and uncontrived

  10. These are adorable! And so clever! I can just see a toddler following a bee from flower to flower--and how beautiful the picture is! The same with the the sleepy moon just on the horizon! They are all amazing and so authentic--nothing contrived. Thanks, Noelle! Love

  11. "Out of the mouths of babes" ..... we can learn much.

    Love Sue x

  12. Sweetness and freshness abound. Thank you.


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