Haiku My Heart: Reciprocity

Reciprocity by fratch@flickrReciprocity by fratch@flickr

That which is of God

in me Greets that which is of

God in You (Namaste) 



Omkar N Koul (2003-08-10) (PDF). Modes of Greetings in Kashmiri. Indian Institute of Language Studies


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  1. A respectful greeting said (when giving a namaskar or Namaste) Noelle!! Love the reciprocity picture and really dear deers :) I find the words and pictures peaceful and calming!!

    Reminds me of this well known quote -
    "Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you"

    Have a great weekend!! Warm and safe!!

  2. Shalom Ms. Pie. Peace and Light to you my friend :-)

  3. Dear Noelle,

    I wanted to comment on this because it really touches my heart, the softness and belonging that this conveys, gives a warm glow on this cold winter day.

    I am late with my comments as we've had snow here in the UK everywhere looks like a literal Christmas picture postcard, of course I've been out shooting pics and loving every minute.

    Thanks for your interesting comments on my post too, you have a discerning gift to see deep into souls through their words and images, I will be visiting your link.

    Thank you.

    Love Sue x


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