Haiku My Heart: Late Fall

autumn in a nature park in lucca ItalyAutumn in a Nature Park in Lucca, Italy Photo by roberto giuseppe paglianti


The Pink Horizon--

A Warm Palette of Late Fall,

Washed in Red and Gold.

--Noelle Renee 11/18/2010


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  1. Such an enthralling Image and an haiku to match :) Has me spellbound. Have been to Italy during my sojourn there but never did I see such a spectacle!!

  2. mazing when washed with red!

  3. Stunning image. Cool haiku.
    Thanks for sharing.

    All the best, Boonie

  4. just catching up here... love this glorious photo and your haiku which so captures the essence of its beauty. love the new header photo too : )


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