Haiku My Heart: “Dawn at Bosque del Apache”(Festival of The Cranes)

Dawn at Bosque del Apache, NWR, Soccorom, New MexicoVadim Balakin: Dawn at Bosque del Apache NWR, New Mexico—Please click on photo or this link to go to original site for this guest photo at Pixdaus.com


White feathered sunrise,

Wading warm, copper waters--

Moments before flight.

--Noelle Renee  11/2/10


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  1. Noelle, that is a beautiful photo and your haiku is equally as beautiful. I have been to Bosque Del Apache, and recently too, when I passed through in September. It is always a stopping point on my trips to New Mexico. I have also seen the cranes in the Valentine refuge in and around Valentine, Nebraska. Seems like they are spread out in fields for a hundred miles.
    How can looking at a place such as depicted by the photograph not be soothing and healing? Same with reading your words. Wonderful


  2. I'm in!
    Thanks for providing this back-up link thingy.
    Enjoyed your photo and haiku, as always.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  3. a wonderful expression, a wonderful moment, the splash of copper light, a weightless wonder... haiku my heart.believe

  4. Such a beautiful picture drawn by your Haiku words. The picture is simply stunning doing justice to your words.


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