Haiku My Heart: The Crimson Gift

sky drama in LouisianaSky Drama in Louisiana by Linda Unger

Look Heavenward To

Find in Clouds the Crimson Gift

Of Chaos and Peace.

--Noelle Renee 11/11/2010


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Simon and Garfunkel : “Cloudy”


  1. stunning photo, and I love the depth of "chaos and peace"

  2. The sky drama is so magnificent and your words "Chaos and Peace" are so apt for it. Beautiful Haiku which expresses so well!!

  3. Sometimes the mind can feel very chaotic, especially when something precious to us is missing, it takes a while for the turbulence to settle and then things become clear again.

    This is what I see in your beautiful haiku and image, the encompassing of all things as part of this wonderful thing called life.

    I will post pictures of my late, beloved cat for you to see, with a bit of a tale! Keep a look out!

    love Sue x

  4. What stunning imagery. 'Crimson gift' is beautiful and so perfect.

    Deb @paper-n-soul


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