ThirstThirst By Pixsy~ vogel ptak (post by jchip8 

Skimming the Water’s Edge,

Feathers Ablaze and Claws Outstretched~

Each Gesture, a Prayer.

~Noelle Renee 2/22/11


I have identified this astonishing bird as a Kestrel Falcon. I find it so incredibly beautiful. Here is a link which confirms for me that this is what it is:

I found the photo on with the credits listed.  The Haiku, of course, is mine. I am enamored of birds. This one seems almost a totem; its presence is so dynamic and powerful.


  1. Magnificent share today Noelle!! I'm sure now, after reading about them, that it is a male out to flaunt itself to attract females LOL!! ;) Looks like he needs a glass of water to drink :)

    Liked the word "Totem" and its use here. Truly a grand representative of its kind, standing out here in all its glory and color!!

    A simple beautiful Haiku which is enthralling and capturing interest, casting a spell!!

    Loved it!!

  2. He is SO gorgeous. I wonder if he sees a fish moving under that ice?


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