The Story of the Fisher King


A recontextualization project (not mine). Combining audio from the movie "The Fisher King" and clips from other films (Mostly "Excalibur") to tell a short story. Clips were used without consent as an educational project.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

Today is normally a haiku day for me. I didn't write one. But you will find many beautiful ones if you go to Recuerda Mi Corazon and join the haiku community with Rebecca and friends.
link to the history of the Fisher King, long before Terry Gilliam's film or Excalibur for that matter.


  1. If Rumi is right, I must be glowing.

  2. I loved the Fisher King - especially when Robin Williams noted his absurdity in trying to influence clouds, and the portrayal of his emotional suffering. A great film with two excellent leading actors. Thanks for reminding me of it.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  3. Rumi's lines are profound truths in simple words......and liked how Ramesh Sood has connected it to a wise saying ~ greater the cut, more the space for happiness to reside.

  4. Dear Ramesh, I wanted to thank you for that quote from Gibran. It is so beautiful. It seems to me that you and Banks understand so deeply these great truths. I think that a person with a more Western perspective might find it confusing but it makes perfect sense to me. I hope you liked the film. It is only 3 minutes.


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