Haiku My Heart: A Chalice

9353 final noellewith kind permission of NewZealand1 “262 Seconds” ©2011 @ 1x.com

A Rocky Chalice

Encircles a Wine Dark Sea

Burnished with Sunlight.

~Noelle Renee 2/17/11



Even so I yearn day after day, longing to reach home, and see the hour of my return. And if some god should strike me, out on the wine-dark sea, I will endure it, owning a heart within inured to suffering. For I have suffered much, and laboured much, in war and on the seas: add this then to the sum.’

          As he spoke the sun dipped, and darkness fell.

(words spoken by Odysseus)

~The Odyssey, Book V, tr. Andrew Lang, 1887

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*Sincere Thanks to Shy Cohen for his beautiful photograph of Dor Beach ~ One single, long exposure for 262 seconds…


  1. That is an astounding photo, and your words go perfectly with it. I love the phrase "wine dark sea" -- did you know that it occurs repetitively in a translation of the Odyssey? I can't remember which one --

  2. Beautiful haiku and so befitting the stunningly astonishing photo!! Leaves a wonderful impression on the mind!!
    I admire the inspirations you get and your depth and knowledge of such great works as The Odyssey.

  3. This is so achingly beautiful, Noelle! The burgundy-shaded photo seems to symbolize the deep blood red wine of the chalice. It's as though the spiritual wine has spilled over and is flowing to the larger sea until everything becomes one. We understand as the world is illuminated by the glowing sunlight.
    I love your haiku and am so grateful you introduced me to "Haiku My Heart!" ♥

  4. What an amazing experience it was to visit here today. Thank you for this momentary voyage to another place and time.

  5. I like the words from Odysseus and love yours. The photo is breathtaking. I like the idea of giving myself to what Nature is offering, and Nature makes this bargain every day. I felt this way watching the moon rise over Turtleback Mountain last night. I didn't take a photograph, but the time lapse from beginning brightening sky to the full orb in sight will last a lifetime in my mind.

    Very Nice.


  6. The depth of beauty goes three ways at least for me here, down into the pool of rocky chalice, sinking deeper into the scarlet horizon and deeply into your words,

    Thank you,
    love Sue x


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