The Amazing and Charming Fergus the Cat

Picture?Fergus is my Six-month old, ready-to-ramble, fun-loving kitten.

Well okay, if you are gonna take a picture...He spends the better part of his days trying to get into the most mischief possible in the least amount of time.

Time to cuddleOccasionally, he wears himself out from jumping out of windows, climbing up trees, knocking over all of the books on my desk and the wastebasket in the bathroom. At that point, he looks sleepy.

Maybe notBut, after about a two-hour nap, he revives himself, feeling refreshed, stretches and looks my way…(uh—oh)!

032Ready For More Action! Fer—Gus…Come Back Here Right Now!

025You gotta love him… Meow! Meow!


  1. Thanks, Sue dear. He is my best buddy and the perfect "teenager." I shall probably miss this behavior when it changes.


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