Stumbling Towards Ecstasy: Warm, Cuddling Love


Dove love post by jchip8

The Ancient Art of Cuddling On a Cold and Icy Day in Midwinter….

Snow and Ice Waldemar WiencholWinter by Waldemar Wienchol

May Lead to Other Things…


But if We Throw Caution to the Wind and Fully Embrace Life with all Its Ups and “Down”…

Cuddling Reed Warblers by Dennis RademakerCuddling Reed Warblers by Dennis Rademaker

We May Find Ourselves Stumbling Slowly and Happily…

A New Year's DayNew Year’s Day by Mal Smart

Into Spring with all its Flowering Beauty…

Pink BeautyPink Beauty by olibac @flickrcc

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  1. A delghtful picture story. Witty too. Thanks for this.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  2. The Moods of progression from a cold icy day, to a new life beginning on a new day in a new year, the winter slowly regressing, and sheer ecstasy stumbling forwards with more colors springing up with flavors of the spring season.

    Absolutely delightful expressions in visuals Noelle!!

    Thank you for sharing this warm descriptions.



  3. I love these little birds... thank you for bringing me a smile this first monday morning in january : )

  4. you grace me yet again. and in sharing warmth, lead me from unbearable cold to the promise of spring!

    lovely...cuddling, full of hope and togetherness.

  5. Dearest Noelle,

    Whenever I wander across to your path, I can be sure to find beauty, warmth and comfort.

    Thank you for caring so much it means a lot.

    Love Sue x

  6. LOVE the first cuddly wuddly pic, and the babes! I LOVE birds! I was watching them this morning in my birdbath I left out and am wondering what all the fuss is about? Did the snow melt and they are just excited to get some water? I'll have to climb the hill pretty soon and see!!

  7. you've gathered a entire year! of ecstasy...


    happy new year Noelle!

  8. I think that snuggling up together, just like those first little birdies - would be pure ecstasty in the cold winter. they have stumbled upon Heaven :) xo

  9. Ah, Leslie! I am glad you saw these. I know you are a bird lover at heart! Thank you for your birthday greeting!

  10. Such beautiful words and photos. This is stumbling towards miracles.

  11. This post will take a place in my top five favorites - EVER - and I've been blogging now for over five years. This is beyond exquisite.

  12. Thank you Annie dear! I am sick with a cold but will come by and visit your lovely blog. I have missed you!


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