Share the Joy Thursday: The Boy in The Yellow Turban

The Boy in the Yellow Turban JujubaJujuba

Only From the Heart Can You Touch The Sky



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  1. thank you for this bright yellow bird
    singing directly to my heart.

    i needed you.
    this night, here in arizona.

  2. I tried to leave a comment before but I couldn't for some reason! That picture is absolutely stunning, as is the Rumi quote. I just love coming here to your blog -- it's like a surprise each and every time.

  3. You are welcome dearheart. I could not leave such a sad post up as I had yesterday. This one spoke to my heart as well.
    Love to you!

  4. So glad you enjoyed it Elizabeth! I had trouble leaving comments on blogs earlier too. Must have been fairies!

  5. The children, who are supposed to earn their living with music later on, are introduced to it at a very young age Noelle!!.

    This Rajasthani tradition is passed on from one generation to the next. It is clearly visible that the children acquire the knowledge how to play music without it being taught to them. The process could be compared to learning one´s mother tongue without actually being taught the language. Such devotion and much dedication to the art.

    Thank you Noelle that was a nice Rumi line accompanying the picture.


  6. Nanka,
    Thank you for this information about Rajasthani culture and tradition. I find it fascinating and beautiful. I love the comparison you make to learning one's mother tongue without being taught the language. So poetic Nanka. I found this paper online regarding Rajasthan storytelling cultural traditions. It seems quite wonderful. I thought you might like it. It is intelligently written.


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