The Forces of Love

Aleksandr Karasev2Aleksandr Karasev

"Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come to being"

Teilhard de Chardin
French geologist, priest, philosopher and mystic, 1881-1955


Eva Cassidy Songbird


  1. Such a warm song with beautiful lyrics too!! A very calming effect oh! so soothing. Loved it.

    Noelle the Picture of the day today looks very disquieting and calm in anger. Quite opposite to the video share. This stirs up double emotions instinctively in succession.

    Enjoyed the grinding, churning and then calming ..



  2. Noelle, these words remind me of our on-line tribe and how love seeks out ways to join all the fragments together, the fragments of our world of love.

    Thank you for showing fellow feeling to Carola, like you I only have come to know her through blogsphere, but the friendships grow don't they? I hope she visits your blog because you always have something of comfort to share with us. I'm loving your cuddling up creatures!

    Namaste dear sister,

    Sue x

  3. oo i love eva! and the photo of that sunset is incredible....what a beautiful place you've created here...thank you

  4. Thanks for stopping by Jean. If you click on the link on Rebecca's site you'll see my haiku. I will stop by your blog again. It is lovely.

  5. and become one.....


  6. A beautiful post. Only taste and smell are missing! My other senses were wholly satisfied.


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