The Sun Rises Like a Morning Prayer

my red scarf My Red Scarf by Fussel 2112 (photomanipulation from

The Sun,

a morning prayer of thankfulness,

rises from beneath the mountains toward heaven,

to kiss a cloud-tossed sky

and press its warm and golden mouth

to the Beloved’s cheek--one more blessed day.

--Noelle Renee Clearwater  (2010)


Eva Cassidy sings “Fields of Gold”


  1. perfect...this stunning glory is the last glimpse into your soul before i go to bed.

    thank you for washing beauty over me...
    sweet dreams noelle

  2. Gorgeous image and music, but in particular, a beautiful poem. I'm so glad you're writing poetry again, you have such a gift!

  3. Thank you, William that is very kind of you.


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