September Moonlight

September Moonlight through trees (1)  Photo By Noelle Clearwater  September 26, 2010/ Santa Barbara

The Moon has come down in September
on little, milky-white feet,
to sleep on a leafy-bright bough of down and silver-green
Owls, foxes, and star-crossed lovers
wrapped in languid fingers of the night
tenderly dream beneath Her arbored, golden light.
--Noelle Clearwater 2010

Moonlight Shadow sung by Maggie Reilly/Words by Mike Oldfield
Moonlight Shadow Maggie Reilly/Mike Oldfield


  1. Lovely photo and poem, Noelle. There is a magical quality in the moonlit photo. Favorite line:

    "The Moon has come down in September

    On Milky-White Feet,"

  2. I just saw the ghost of this magnificent moon this morning on my walk with the girls.




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