Haiku My Heart: Butterfly and Cobwebs

butterfly_and_cobwebs_by_chaosinhername-d2zbzwc Butterfly_and_Cobwebs by chaosinhername

In Childhood’s Brief Flow’r

The Slumber of Sweet, Bright Souls

Seals Butterfly Dreams.

--Noelle Renee Clearwater


Video: Tori Amos sings “Sleeps With Butterflies”

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watercolor butterfly

Celtic Butterfly:
Research reveals that the symbolic meaning of the butterfly is similar across most cultures and time. Invariably, this beautiful Celtic animal symbol represents transformation, inspiration, and rebirth. The concept of rebirth with the Celts is particularly of importance in terms of recycling of life – both in the spiritual and physical realms. Perhaps the bible and the Byrds extol the concept best: "To every season, turn, turn turn." This was an intimate concept with the Celts, and the butterfly – in its miraculous way symbolizes transformation and rebirth.
Transition is common in all nature, and the Celtic woman would be keenly aware of its presence. As such, butterflies would adorn birthing gowns, blankets, and bed sheets as a sign of smooth transition when welcoming new babies into the village fold.


  1. Your photograph is beautiful- as is your haiku. I am a lover of butterflies and anything that can change its form so completely.

  2. This one takes me back to my childhood. I love the words with the image; they go so beautifully together!

  3. It all makes such perfect sense. The transformation, continuation of life. The native spiritual elders tell me that the butterfly is a spirit that has come to you. Maybe it is someone you know very well.
    Beautiful stuff, both photo and haiku.


  4. Your artwork is amazing and I very much like the haiku.

  5. dear noelle,
    you are a treasure trove of beauty and wisdom.
    thank you for your strong presence here...
    and sharing the haiku way.

  6. Not my artwork. The photo is from deviantart and the artist is mentioned below the photo. If you click it will take you to the site. Thanks for your kind comments on the haiku.

  7. Oh, I am so hooked with Butterflies.. haikued completely.. well done..

  8. You chose a beautiful, almost haunting image to illustrate your lovely haiku. So fleeting and transient is life, and the butterfly's expression of our ever-changing nature is the perfect symbol. Thank you for including the narrative on the Celtic butterfly. Just beautiful.

  9. noelle, my dear....
    the treasure trove of beauty and wisdom was meant for you. your heart. your soul. the time you spend seeking these treasures and extending them to so many.
    although the photograph is lovely, it cannot compare to the soulfullness you so generously offer us all.

  10. A wonderful pairing of words and images, and a gentle reminder to us to cherish.

  11. I love the haiku, Noelle. And I also love the information on Celtic spirituality and butterflies, particularly to know that they were associated with midwifery and birthing.

  12. It is a wonder, ever visit, how you put together ideas, words and images.

    I love the symbolism of the butterfly



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