Brown and Agile Child

Yellow Line Photo: On Yellow Line by Katiafaith

Brown and Agile Child

By Pablo Neruda Tr. Kenneth Rexroth

Brown and agile child, the sun which forms the fruit
And ripens the grain and twists the seaweed
Has made your happy body and your luminous eyes
And given your mouth the smile of water.
A black and anguished sun is entangled in the twigs
Of your black mane when you hold out your arms.
You play in the sun as in a tidal river
And it leaves two dark pools in your eyes.
Brown and agile child, nothing draws me to you,
Everything pulls away from me here in the noon.
You are the delirious youth of bee,
The drunkedness of the wave, the power of the heat.
My somber heart seeks you always
I love your happy body, your rich, soft voice.
Dusky butterfly, sweet and sure
Like the wheatfield, the sun, the poppy, and the water

Cat Stevens: Oh Very Young (live)


  1. have you read little bee?
    this salutation to the beauty of a brown and agile child...this perfect vision of gold light on a shimmering coastline..
    takes me to the book. the beauty. the sun shining past all the differences man could ever contrive,to burnish the hearts as one golden perfect acceptance.

    thank you for this...

  2. Beautiful!
    Wonderful poem.
    I adore that Cat Stevens song.

  3. I have not read it Rebecca, but I will look for it. Thank you and thank you for your lovely and encouraging words. Blessings and Light,

  4. Thanks Jenny! I love that song too. Reminds me of being a teenager. (smile).


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